Art and Design

I have never considered myself an artist. I simply like to make things. I believe that form follows function and I like to make functional, everyday, useful objects, but ones that incorporate beauty and meaning and rise above mass-produced, cold and hollow objects that fill our lives. In the past I’ve made everything from dance costumes to crystal paperweights, but I’m currently focused on textile forms with social and communal roots such as clothing, quilting, and knitting.

Much of my childhood clothing was made by my mother or my grandmother, both of whom passed along their knowledge to me. In turn, I shared this knowledge to others through Girl Scouts and other classes and workshops. To me, textile arts embody an individual’s style and creativity, but also a communal component, such as wartime knitting circles or quilting bees of yore. This and other juxtapositions, from contemporary garments constructed from vintage textiles to architectural and infographic designs executed in traditional patchwork and appliqué techniques, motivate my early work, especially the installations created during my year at the Brewery Arts Complex, the world’s largest artist-in-residence community. Currently, I am interested in using these abrupt juxtapositions to provoke viewers and users into seeing a new or alternative perspective. I hope to extend my experimentations to further blur the line between art and craft, old and new, science and emotion, and the individual and the community.

Previous projects: